On the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show experience

I slept rather late this morning and finished reading the complete Maus (this means I can give Anick her books back). Of course I did have valid reason for sleeping in — I was up until 4am (well I did read a few chapters of Maus before bed) partially because of my excursion to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Garneau with HUCO people. It was also great to see Cathy, Jenn and Dave. Most of us dressed in costume — only a few small exceptions. Most of us were technically RHPS virgins (as people are called before having experienced it for the first time). Dan was the noteworthy exception in my group, but he had never seen it at the Garneau and made some comments about the noteworthy differences when it is held in Victoria. Here are some of my observations in brief:
– Toast is sharp
– Rice is slippery when not on the carpet
– Jenn's costumes/shadow cast acting was amazing!
– Some fabulous and BRAVE costumes! I think next time (whenever that is) I ought to have a better costume, but we'll see, I did get a rather lot of compliments on mine as it was — plus Dave did a sort of double take when he saw me for the first time! And I confused my friend Josh on Skype, and JD liked it… so I think my costume is all kinds of win! (yes I'll wear a variation on it when at various Halloween events in the coming week.
– As expected I think I enjoyed the film far more for having seen it before (thanks Graham!)
– I'm glad it wasn't colder outside, but didn't really mind as my costume was somewhat practical
– I'm also glad I was brave enough to go on stage, even knowing I wouldn't win.
– I'm not entirely sure if I like the whole props thing… but I do love the shadow cast aspect!
– The cute little girl in the Columbia costume was adorable. She stayed for the whole film, and I'm not sure that as a parent I would have really liked to allow a kid of that age to do that… very cute though! The Frankenstein monster dude was a bit over the top/ridiculous — it was sad that he scared the little girl so much. I hope she didn't have nightmares… wow!

So generally I had a great time and would certainly do it again.