Hmmm…. warning signs mean… I can't wait!

Okay so as many of you know, my roommate's packing her things to move out, and I get the place to myself starting November 1st or thereabouts. And, well I'm in the midst of a school year which means I'm having a hard time balancing everything — not that I don't balance what matters, but I really want to be doing a better job. I mean school, work, social life, healthy food, and exercise are all important to me (plus down time, sleep, entertainment, volunteerism etc.) but I often find that I don't quite have enough time to keep it all straight.

I wonder how much of my stress this week is due to the state of my apartment? I mean I know that clutter/mess/etc. affects my concentration/state of mind, and it's NEVER been this chaotic, but it can't be all, right?

I feel behind (I know that I am) in various areas (RAship, thesis work, cleaning, exercise, cooking for myself, spending time with friends, sleep, spending time on myself), and well, yesterday's post shows just how successful I was at unwinding (not at all) when I really needed it… *sighs*

Meh, regardless, I'll get what needs to get done soon enough. In the meantime, I'm trying to help Beth with the moving out process — I'm not sure how helpful I am, really, but I'm trying. I just don't have the time to put into everything that I want to do, and I knew from day 1 that my semester was going to be very back loaded (for due dates etc.) and November is nearly upon us so, yikes!

Regardless, I hope that mornings like this one, where I actually didn't feel like exercising, don't happen too often. I mean I've been getting FAR better in the staying active arena lately — even Beth's remarked on a slight positive physical change. I just need to stop wearing myself to a thread when I don't need to! 🙂