A new Japanese restaurant (well to me, it's been around for a bit) and school

Tuesdays are my school days this semester. And we have a wonderful afternoon class, a two hour break and then an evening class. Eric suggested a while back that we try Kabuki (it's in the building that has the Garneau theatre in it) and so today in between classes we (Eric, Dan and I) went. It was a refreshing change: I was relatively impressed by my experience being served by an over-enthusiastic seemingly Japanese man (and a quieter not-so-accented woman), we were some of the only customers in the place (at 4pm Tuesday). I was impressed with the range of the sushi and sashimi menu (and already know what I want to order next time I go there!). It was a good experience: good quality fish, good ambience and I left with the desire to return again eventually.

School itself was good today: I felt like I was able to contribute quite a bit, and learn quite a bit as well. Days like today are what university is all about! 🙂