A good Thanksgiving

So today I went home to my parents to celebrate Thanksgiving, spend time with the family and celebrate my brother's birthday. En route we picked up some presents for Luke (Logan and I did) and picked up his ice cream cake from Dairy Queen as well.

Once at Mom and Dad's, I got to spend some good time with my nephew: we played ladder ball (which I had never played before) until the neighbour's dog got rather too interested in our game. Then I went to the park with Seth for a bit (we played on the swings, and climbed a bit on the playground equipment). It's mighty fun playing with a kid like Seth! 🙂 After dinner my nephew also managed to be a very good young salesman trying to sell me some Tupperware stuff from his mom's catalogue. Not bad — I put in a small order (for stuff I needed or needed to replace anyway).

Dinner was delicious. Mom made awesome turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, Brussel sprouts and snow peas and peppers, and there was also shrimp. A good meal, if perhaps a big one (particularly when you include the ice cream cake) but hey I was semi-active today (did a Wii workout in the morning, and ran about with Seth for a bit. I even managed I guess a pushup or so with the pushup bars, along with a few half-decent chin-ups with my parents' chin-up bar among other things). I still have a few readings before tomorrow's classes but I'll get to them tonight. At least I've already read Frankenstein so that's just review.

I really need to do a much better job of staying on top of things, but whatever, life's going really well!