I'm going to miss the City Market this fall/winter…

Yesterday I went to the City Market on 104th street with Diana and Brett. It was (as usual) a great experience. To be honest, I love the City Market and wish that it were open all year round. We each bought lunch and I got prune plums, tomatoes, some mushroom spread, and some cumin cheese that reminds me of the key cheese I had in Norway!

Then we played some board games: the Mad Magazine board game, Bandu, and Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary edition.

This was a great start of my day before doing some readings for class, procrastinating and helping Beth organize some of her stuff.

But yeah, I'm totally going to miss the City Market. 🙁 The Old Strathcona Farmer's Market is just inconvenient to access via transit in the winter. Plus I don't prefer it as much as I love the City Market.