It'll be a busy week…

… as I'm heading off to BC with family on Thursday for my grandmother's burial and won't be back to town until Monday. Thus I have a tonne to accomplish including packing, working a full shift, seeing a Citadel play and more all before I leave town tomorrow night (yes I will leave town on Wednesday night after the Citadel).

Unfortunately, I'll likely have to bring some readings with me (which I haven't finished yet, unfortunately). Readings aren't bad though — it could be essay writing instead or something similar, after all!

Anywho, this will likely break my streak of posting online every day, but I'll be back next week, for certain to regale you with more tales of my exploits etc.

FYI: today's Free Burrito day at Burrito Libre (supporting the Campus Food bank: I brought a can of salmon) was actually rather good (much better than Mucho Burrito: not only are less things cilantroified, but the ingredients taste better too, I think!). On October 5th Rodeo Burger is having Free Burger day (bring a $1+ donation to the Sally Ann or a non-perishable food item for a free burger), and I hope to take in that excitement — we'll see anyhow — if it's anything like last year, the line up will be much longer than on Free Burrito day.