Back from BC and finally, sort of, maybe just a little bit, more caught up?

Well, that was a very different experience. I went to BC with family. On a leisurely trip to BC — and that was I guess the difference: instead of always being in a hurry to get somewheres, we were able to stop and take in the sights. And the pictures I took with my phone camera show the tale. I think I'm getting better at occasionally taking okay phone camera pictures (see the pictures on facebook, they're publicly available there).

We took in waterfalls, the glass house, some stores (one store sold handmade Harry Potter brooms, but I bought a slightly more practical one instead), the Columbia Icefields (Athabasca Glacier), a land bridge, a suspension bridge, an island, a couple graveyards, some mountain paths, some movie sets, some antique shops, some ferries, some mountain roads, big horned sheep, bears, deer, birds etc. It was a very scenic trip and the weather was perfect.

I put the box that holds Grandma's ashes in the ground: for both grandparents the cousins all lined up in order from youngest to oldest and passed the box along until the oldest cousin present could inter the ashes. This time I was the oldest one there, and the only female cousin present (there are only 3 female cousins on this side of the family). The burial was perfectly suited to Grandma's life. Many of us cried.

But being back, it has taken until now to get on top of my most important email backlog: my main email account. And now that that's in order I can work on getting other things back in order. My fitness regime is, for example going along better than before. I got a new pillow (to help sleep better!) and new pushup bars (they make pushups much much harder though).

Tonight was the launch of Eighteen Bridges — and I'm listed as New Media Intern in the printed magazine which is pretty rad if I say so myself! It was a good magazine launch in general: at least on par if not better than any other magazine launch I've attended in any case!