Copious amounts of tea

Peppermint tea, chamomile tea, lemon tea, mango sunrise tea, green tea, white tea… it seems lately I'm consuming a lot of this marvelous beverage. And for good reason too — I'm trying to stay in the best of health and well, I've got a mild cold at the moment which isn't as amazing as I would like to feel, but whatever. I do like tea, and this is a good excuse to keep drinking it.

I've gotten into something of a routine vis-a-vis my online class, and I guess my other readings and online pursuits as well. I consume lots of tea while doing these things which is better than munching on lots of snack food or anything. I do like meal food much better than snack food anyhow on average. I've always been more of a person who likes salty or savory food rather than sweets anyhow.