Games: Fruit, geography and more!

So yesterday was a good one: not only did I have a most excellent LISAA brunch, but I caught up with Justin, and then hosted board games at my apartment. It was perfect as the crowd was small but good and we played a nice assortment of games. First we played Sushi Roll, which was kind of noisy but very fun. Then we played a few rounds of Monty Python Fluxx — which while it made our collective brains hurt was well received. Bananagrams was next and everyone seemed to enjoy that! Apples to Apples was next I think, and we played only until someone won (which was a fair amount of time as it is). And finally we played the Germany Settlers of Catan game. This took a while, but was super fun — even playing in teams as we were. I had a great time last night and only wish I was feeling better today (still sick-ish). I need to get a lot more homework (etc.) done so now to go do it all!