The perils of becoming connected online

a.k.a. why exactly did she block me on Twitter? I mean she's a brilliant scholar, a wonderful person with whom I've been taking class this last week and a great person with whom I've socialized and yet though she's one of the more active twitterites, she's blocked me from following her. It doesn't make sense, and it hurts a bit to realize it.

Maybe I'm just in a 'mood' or something. Maybe I just need a hug and realize that everyone I know well enough to provide a hug is nowhere nearby… Maybe (quite likely) I'm overtired (two weeks of travel and conferences could very well do that)… or hungry (it's been quite a few hours since the dahl I ate for lunch).

I dunno. It's definitely a downside when I'm in a social mood and I simply don't know anyone around to be social with. Not that I expect other to do all the work or anything (because I don't) but being in a contrary mood like this, on the verge of tears (for no REAL reason at all) is just silly.

So it's time to grow up (again) and have a damn good evening!