Okay on a more positive note… Banquets and board games!

So last night was the banquet for DHSI. It was an evening of REALLY slow service (honestly we didn't get fed until 9pm or so), but we ate with our class and had a good time overall. I got to meet Cindy's husband, and have some good discussions re: the state of the post-secondary education system in the USA and Canada. Interesting stuff, really!

Interestingly not only have I been spending time with Matthew (and have played board games with him) I've also run into McKenzie (he invited me to board games but I had the banquet). And tonight I have plans (well hopefully) with Dan and others to play board games as well? It should be good stuff!

DHSI has certainly been worth it to me — and not just because I got the SSHRC and the ACH scholarships to attend (though both help significantly!). I've learned a lot in the grad student lectures, the classes and yes, indeed the institute lectures. Tomorrow it all ends (and Saturday I fly back to Edmonton).

Yes, Edmonton I am coming back! After 5 weeks away, I'll certainly have a fair bit to catch up upon: but it'll be good to go through my mail, to work on my RA projects again, to catch up on the various internet things I've been ignoring…

And yes, to be home. It'll be good to be home, if only for just over a week!

Now perhaps I should find me some food? I'm vaguely hungry…