My phone thought I was in America…

So, today at DHSI was pretty excellent. Sure, yesterday was pretty awesome too, but today was somehow just as good or better. Heck this bodes well for the week — although I'm not sure I should be awake right now… I'm pretty tired.

The first day I arrived here (Saturday) I got settled and then went for a wonderful walk with friends. The next day (after a great breakfast) we met again for brunch at rebar and some shopping with baby before some board games. I registered for the course and then began to have some breathing problems. Nothing terribly unusual as I could still talk but was in discomfort as I walked down the hill to Smuggler's Cove Pub for dinner with Harvey and others.

Monday was the first day. The course goes well. At the University Club in the evening I saw a raccoon, turtle and ducklings. This was pretty nifty. I then met up with friends with whom I went to QVs for board games. We played two games and ate some great food that evening. I am definitely having a great time!

Today was the graduate student lunch. On our way there we saw some deer (please note that I am NOT mentioning every bunny encounter — there are way too many to count them!). The food was excellent. In the evening I went to the campus pub — en route I saw a bunny stubbornly stop in the middle of the ring road. The driver of the car gave up on waiting and got out to shoo the bunny away so that he didn't have to run it over. I also saw a bus on a truck. It was a strange time! The Campus Pub was good though — I met up with many whom I had read on Twitter. One even studies Scandinavian literature so that was pretty cool.

After dinner, Dan and I met up so that we could go for a walk in Beacon Hill Park. So much fun it was climbing over rocks by the ocean! Dan was incredibly helpful leading me to good places! We even found $15 on the ground on our walk! Strangely while in this area, my cell phone sent me the message that I was somehow in the United States and started using AT&T as it's carrier. This made NO sense! Fortunately I didn't use it and it reverted back to Bell Canada eventually (after a reboot and a change of location). I also walked out on the wall thing in the ocean closer to downtown. It was nearly dusk but still a fun walk!

After our walk we went to QVs for dessert (with the $15 that was found). Yummy food of course! And a good end to an eventful evening. And now, after a day full of Twitter and fun, food and learning, lectures and networking, I will head to bed.