From Montreal to Victoria…

So my stay in Montreal has come and gone. It was a great conference (sdh/semi as part of Congress 2010). I did finally post my pictures to Facebook. And I made it to Victoria (en route I ran across my friend Jordan because of our mutual use of twitter/foursquare. Yay for social networking tools!

Anyhow although there's tonnes I could write about Victoria and the UVic bunnies, the time I spent with my friends here and so on, I will take the time here to write about Montreal.

– Montreal has a LOT more construction than the last time I visited
– O.NOIR is an experience I WOULD repeat: eating in the dark is strange and wonderful.
– Chez Clo is still yummy inexpensive, casual food that I'd recommend to everyone.
– For junk food, Queue de Castor with maple butter cannot be beat.
– The sdh/semi community is small but vibrant
– Theatre inspired me to work on an RA project I have been delaying.
– Cirque du Soliel's Totem made me want to buy tickets to Allegria (or how ever it is spelled) and to still get tix to shows in Vegas. I loved seeing the cirque in an actual tent!
– Olivieri Librarie Bistro had some of the most excellent food!
– I actually enjoyed the tiny BMO museum
– Schwartz's is STILL the only place I will go to for Montreal Smoked Meat.
– La Banquise still has fabulous poutine
– I still manage to make Montreal a food-focused trip
– Le Commensale has great vegetarian food!
– I actually walked the whole Village, and pretty much all of downtown
– Somehow I did window shopping without buying anything
– I still don't know how mobility impaired persons take the metro — it's hard enough taking suitcases!
– I like the airport express bus, such an improvement over the shuttle!
– I'm a big fan of academic conferences — yes I am a conference junkie.
– It feels good to be in an area where I speak/read both dominant languages.
– What can I say, I rather love Montreal…

… but, surprisingly, to a large degree I may like Oslo as much or more?