Tminus 2 weeks until OSLO! (and J.D.!!)

Gosh how time has flown by…

So since the last time I wrote a particularly personal entry quite a bit has happened: the school semester has essentially ended (I'm already getting my grades — slowly though. I do still have a meeting with my client for HuCo 530, but that project's essentially done save for small bug fixes). I already have an A in one class so the semester doesn't look half bad. 🙂

On Easter Sunday I went for my first long bike ride in like a decade. It was in Fort Saskatchewan with my brother and nephew. It felt good to get out and about in the city I grew up in. Plus it was good to spend the time with my family over the holiday. Even though my butt was a bit sore (from the seat) for a day afterward it was still good.

GATC in St. Louis was actually a lot of fun. Not only did I get to meet the new CKI and administrator leadership, but I got to take in the good weather, do some service, help build a pyramid of sub-region A folks, and meet the gov and admin from the new CKI district (yes there IS a new one). Yes I learned a tonne, and I got to play phase-10 and Mexican train dominoes with some awesome Admins. And I ate ice cream from Coldstone Creamery (I think I prefer Marble Slab), went for a walk in the good weather, and took my gov out for lunch. All in all it was a fabulous weekend with some fabulous times (ignoring my flight issues getting there). In fact I took a video:

We even made some pretty awesome MANLY baby blankets, which you can see at:

Then there was the SLIS Year-End-Party (which was tonnes of fun), the Drowning Girls at the Citadel (which I rather enjoyed), and my organization of summer plans and whatnot is in full force. Honestly things are all coming together nicely. I even went for a LONG walk last night with a couple members of my Kiwanis club. Lots of fun, really, even though my feet still hurt a bit (need to finish breaking in these sandals!).

I just hope that the volcano doesn't decide to screw up my travel plans — it certainly has caused enough havoc as it is. I hope that my friends and relatives etc. who are traveling also get where they are going and whatnot!

And the countdown has begun — the summer is beginning soon and well… many of my travels have been scheduled! 🙂