Time trickles away slowly…

… as I prepare to depart. And it'll be a few fun-filled, busy days in the coming weeks. I have 10 shifts of work scheduled before I take off, plus a couple tasks at my RA job, but otherwise my time is relatively open. I even have a going away/board games party scheduled for the 5th and yesterday I bought a ticket to Beauty & the Beast at the Citadel as I've been meaning to see it. If I find the time, I'll even visit the Butterdome Spring Craft sale and look around too!

The last couple days have been jam packed with busy-ness, but it's been good. School's essentially done now (yay!) and I'm only waiting for one more grade. I'm almost finished the scholarship app I'm working on (just needs some reference letters, transcripts, and proofreading). Yesterday was the humanities computing year end party at Famoso — delicious pizza as always — and then I attended As You Like It at the Citadel — which was even better than I could have imagined (especially when I compare it to the disappointment that was Macbeth at the Citadel).

So yeah I'm definitely counting down the days and working on several things… but I'm totally becoming more and more excited about Oslo and seeing J.D. and whatnot! 🙂