Writer's Block: Gone with the wind

Gosh another one of these er questions shows up in my Friends page and I actually try to answer it (is this what my LJ is coming to? I doubt it… but I rather don't wanna type about volcanoes right now and that's what's on my mind… plus computer/website stuff and well other things).

In the next ten years I think that the whole non-environmentally friendly approach to living should or rather (to think positively) will become obsolete. Honestly, planned obsolescence is so 2010… and utterly wasteful. What will become more important is thinking of how to live the three Rs in all things. And that includes technology. While I highly doubt that in the next 10 years all forms of technology will change irrevocably as we march forward (as some people like to predict) I do believe that technology will look very little like what it does today. And the wave that has begun in the last few decades will grow into a tsunami wherein people will really truly start caring about the buzz words of today and what they ACTUALLY mean: sustainability, environmental awareness, etc.

And yes there will be disasters along the way.