Post Day of DH daze… and other happenings

So I'm in the midst of procrastinating again. But I honestly don't much care: the assignment's reasonably easy and I'm getting some progress done. I hope to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight get up in the morning and be more productive than I have been.

And like usual when I'm procrastinating, I've gotten more or less caught up on some email, some contesting and some others things too.

Anywho… This week began with my registering for CKI ICON (yes, it's my 8th, though my second as a Kiwanian), a massage (so much needed — I *HATE* my back… but I could blame grad school for most of that! At least regularly playing Wii Fit Plus seems to help! And I'm feeling happier as a result), and PubMonday.

I've been cooking a bit this week. Nothing fancy of course, but actually making things rather than just grazing or going out to eat. I don't think I'm going to be super adventurous in this area any time soon, but it does feel healthier to be making my own food on occasion.

Day of DH went well. The only issue is that the server's currently down so I haven't had a chance to read everyone else's posts or update mine with pictures. I look forward to updating that soon!

Friday I caught up with RenderMan for lunch which was wonderful (it had been far too long!). Friday was otherwise a crazy day but it also ended on a bright note: I watched the Oilers game at Brewsters with my Kiwanis friends! Not only was it a great game but the Oilers won!

Last night was the UAMC Spring Concert at the Winspear. I really enjoyed it, and had a great time at BPs afterward. Of course, my not being a particularly rowdy person, I left around 1am for a pleasant trip home. Gosh it's nice out these days!

And today's been more of the same: catch up and a CKI district board meeting. Realistically I haven't been terribly productive lately (sadly enough) but I'm not behind either. I just wish that I could make a few more of the pieces fall into place — and I should be able to do that in the next few weeks. It's always good to know what's happening.