(US) Census flashback/forward meme

Because posted his, I figured I'd post a similar post indicating where I was in each US census year. Of course I'm a shade younger than he is so mine will be a tad shorter, but still!

– 1990 – I was in 2/3 split for grades 2 and 3 and thus learned a LOT about cats. My teacher loved her cats and we learned more about felines than about much else of significance (other than local history: I remember that!). I think I also had my first (and only) brush with plagiarism that year.

– 2000 – I graduated from high school. My grandfather died. I moved out into the place I live in now, with my best friend from high school (still my best friend now, even though we no longer live in the same province). I attended my first ever big concert (Savage Garden). I began my first undergraduate degree at the UofA. Lots of firsts, lots of learning experiences.

– 2010 – I'm now working on my 3rd and 4th degrees at the UofA. I still live in the same apartment, though now with my 7th roommate. I work at a supermarket parttime and also do research assistant work for my profs. I am an overly busy woman online and otherwise. I am currently dating a most wonderful man who happens to live on a different continent at the moment. I am a Kiwanian, CKI district administrator, and a member of ENTS. And while I adore boardgames and ballroom dance I don't often get to enjoy either.

– 2020 – I don't really know where I'll be but I will have likely completed post-secondary by this point, and hopefully be gainfully employed in a way that makes me happy. I would also like to have a good home life with balance in all areas but the likelihood of that is unknown. Regardless, I wonder if I'll still be blogging by then or otherwise fascinated by social media!