Upcoming this week: Day of DH (and other updates)

So this week (on March 18th to be precise) I will be participating for my very first time in The Day of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH), and blogging my exploits for approximately 24 hours. I really look forward to it, as I really enjoyed reading all that transpired during Day of DH 2009 (indeed it was here that I perhaps learned the most about humanities computing/digital humanities, particularly if you compare it to all my other not-in-the-classroom activities).

I'm apparently not in the habit of updating this blog terribly frequently. So some recent happenings include a week of staying up way too late doing homework, seeing Courageous at The Citadel [which was AMAZING btw and WELL WELL worth watching], attending the ARTery Literary Saloon [hearing the awesomeness that is Marty Chan's personal story crafting, absolutely adoring Tom Wharton's reading from his work in progress from the Perilous Realm Trilogy, and determining that I really want a good glass pen like the kind Shawna Lemay demonstrated among other excellent things], spending a day in relaxation including such fun as finally watching Juno with J.D., discussing a lot about the future, the environment and sustainability, attending Kevin's birthday party and the UofA CKI winter formal [I guessed who I was in a guessing game of sorts: Sailor Moon], and today struggled with CMS installation [and NO I didn't win].

This week looks to be another busy one — and not only because this weekend was remarkably leisurely when it comes to school work (to a certain extent a result of spending so many hours the week before doing school and RA work).