Social Media — time waster/procrastinator… Technology — helpful hindrance! ;)

So this weekend was productive in the WORK area but not so much in the SCHOOL area of life. Still it's been a good weekend. I got a fair bit done on two RA projects that I'm working on which was nice, and managed to procrastinate homework rather horribly. Still I got to spend a lot of time with J.D., watched Desk Set (1957) and generally got a lot of work done.

Thanks to Twitter (and Matthew!) I got hooked on the excellent online card game: Echo Bazaar, which really reminds me of one of my favorite HuCon 2010 presentations (and abstracts!). I really like the game play, and the time delay which prevents me from procrastinating too horribly.

I've been spending a fair bit of time on Hunch which totally entertains me. Empire Avenue still entertains me pretty well. On none of these sites am I spending hugely prohibitively destructive amounts of time, but they're good places to go when I need a break.

Today I went to #brunchwar at The Commodore, before heading to ENTS for the monthly meeting (and paying my dues), and then attended ENTS's Lightning Talks as well. After that, I went to David's for his much delayed housewarming. It was great: I talked, ate some great food and played three board games: a collaborative story telling one [which was all right], Ticket to Ride [WHICH I WON! I was so proud! Honestly the sensation of adrenaline because I was doing well was crazy], and some robot moving game [at which I was okay]. Then I broke a water glass, but didn't cut myself on any shards which was good 'cause I had/have bare feet.

And now I think I'll go to bed early-ish so I can get some good homework done tomorrow. I can't procrastinate forever: I am VERY deadline oriented.