Stress and balance… time to adjust yet again…

So as you may well know, I'm a ridiculously busy person. As a result this semester, I've had a slight tendency to get stressed, complete with tense shoulders, and sleep deprivation. Not precisely my idea of a good time, but whatever. I've definitely been working on maintaining some sense of balance though. You know, fitting my RA work, my homework, and my thesis stuff in around something resembling a social life complete with Kiwanis work (well mostly CKI-related Kiwanis work as of late) and plenty of time spent at the computer or using the Wii.

I'm finally getting SOME of my to-do list items accomplished: finally deciding to fix some of my finances (not that they were broken but I kind of want to reduce the MERs on some) — I still need to actually move the money around but making the decision is certainly step one! I've also booked my flights for GATC, and my hotel and flights for Kiwanis International Convention (if you're interested I'll be in Vegas from June 23-28 because it was the best deal cost-wise). I'm currently hoping to buy tickets to two Cirque shows. I really want to see LOVE and any of O, VivaELVIS, or Mystere. I have no desire to see Chris Angel Believe (as I've only heard negative reviews) and I've already seen KA and Zumanity. I'm pretty certain to see LOVE, and the other show will depend on finances/ticket availability/deal availability I think. Mystere is the cheapest but the others look pretty awesome too… *shrugs*

I'm still trying to figure out plans for May travel. I rather want to go to Norway (partially to visit J.D. of course) and given that Kim will be in Scandinavia around then we could perhaps do some sightseeing together (which would be pretty nice!). It's cheaper to fly multi-destination, so I'm hoping to get details on whether or not I'll be going to Montreal before DHSI in Victoria… It would be really nice to be able to book all that travel! It would also be pretty awesome to have some additional funding *crosses fingers*. As it is, it will be an expensive summer — not that my finances are in disrepair or anything, but still!

Beyond that, I've been working on getting work stuff straightened up for summer — and I'm not just talking special projects, rather I'm talking increasing shifts at SaveOn while I'm actually in town. This shouldn't be too bad as I'll be away a LOT this summer. If I just so happen to get some additional employment with a project or two, that's all the better!

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been tweeting rather regularly lately, and liking it. It become a pretty nice community to engage with, I think! In other news I've been out to a bunch of great events recently including the Canadian Literature Centre's Author Cabaret and Reception and the Henry Kreisel lecture. Both were excellent! I met great people (authors and community people) some of which are famous in their own right!