Brief update…

So as you probably may have heard HuCon happened this week, which meant a fair bit of prep work, and a LOT of exhaustion after the fact. This weekend, I've been a bit less than productive, though I've already done my class readings. My RA work is going along at a snail's pace partially because of procrastination but mostly because of a lack of information in certain areas — but I'm finding things, ever so slowly. School work on the other hand is less of a priority than it could be… but it also on the radar screen.

Last night I went to Riley's party and had a great time! The Cheese fondue was the very bestest thing. I think Riley had quite the adventure with all the women there… wow! I mostly spent the evening hangin' with the others in the geek room having conversations about the ipad, video games, school and nifty online stuff among other things. Heck Calen and Riley were excellent hosts, and I was very happy to attend!

I think my body's trying to deal with its sleep deficit — hence my energy levels' crash once I arrived at home, but regardless I woke up in a sunbeam this morning — quite pleasant!