A somewhat brief update from a girl whose life is different than she expected it to be at this point

So, as some of you know, there is a man in my life. At this point he's halfway around the world, but he's definitely in my life. I miss him incredibly much and at this point I hope to make it to Norway eventually (soon?) to visit, but we'll see. Certainly not what I would have been expecting to capture my attentions even a month ago, but I'm not unhappy — far from it, though it's far from ideal to be so far away from him. Thank goodness for the Internet, in particular instant messaging, Skype, blogs, photo sharing and Facebook, among other things.

And yes, I do have Skype — so if you were one of the many people encouraging me to get on board with this technology, have no fear, I have joined the masses with this too! I only have a web-cam on my net-book so it's not entirely perfect but heck, I like the opportunity to chat with people via Skype: I've already been to one CKI meeting via Skype, so it's a very productive technology for my uses.

I'm very behind on my Internet catch-up lately: slowly working to catch up on all that I missed out on during the holidays. Primarily I'm working on keeping up with my email accounts and all the Kiwanis/CKI things that have fallen by the wayside. I'm not sure that I'm doing a terribly good job of balancing everything at the moment, but I'm certainly trying.

Speaking of balance, I'm truly enjoying my Wii Fit Plus. The Wii Fit Plus has some awesome games on it that the Wii Fit did not: I rather enjoy Island cycling for example. In fact there are quite a few activities I'm enjoying. Beth even seems to like using it — she's definitely more coordinated at some activities than I am and certainly more flexible.

I'm pretty darn sore right now: but it's a good kind of sore. I went curling today with a bunch of people from SLIS, and it turns out I am one of the most experienced curlers, which means that I had curled before. I'm certainly not good, but was skip for all the games I played. Why? Because my back didn't really like me doing too much by way of motion, and I didn't want to annoy it too much by sweeping, though I wasn't going to prevent me from playing and having fun! In addition, I didn't fall this time which would have aggravated my back injury I'm sure. It was great getting out to have some fun!

School looks reasonable for the semester, though I really ought to get cracking on some school work soon! I'm the technical advisor for my project management team which should be interesting considering my uh… technical skills or lack thereof. Whatever. I'll manage. The project looks pretty awesome anyway, so I look forward to it. The other assignments this semester seem relatively basic in comparison so I'm not truly worried. Only one exam this semester, lots of projects though. And I imagine that what with all the conferences I'm helping with and/or attending and/or presenting at this semester (and beyond) I'm going to be a busy girl regardless of all the RA work, school work and whatnot on my plate. I just need to get caught up.