So, it's been a rather unproductive weekend (this CANNOT last)

Anywho… I've been doing a decent job being social lately. The SLIS crowd went out for dinner last night a Chianti's. That was fun.

I don't think I mentioned going to breakfast with Nancy and Graham and then meeting Graeme and Vicky on the LRT on the way to curling or the fact that I saw Olympian Kevin Martin at the curling rink while we were there. Yesterday was one awesome day in that respect!

I'm learning how to really take advantage of Opera as a webbrowser lately. It's pretty nifty as it will sync bookmarks, let you share stuff with people and otherwise provides comprehensive features for getting things done. I'm pretty pleased with this, to say the least. I've only managed to crash Opera once compared to Firefox which I've crashed MANY MANY times. It's taking me a while to get used to all the features but that's not half bad with J.D. able to answer some of my questions. Sometimes I feel like a real newbie with relation to technology. I know that I'm not, but it sometimes feels that way.

I'm spending EVEN MORE time online lately. With valid reason of course: my man is otherwise less than accessible, but still it's a lot of time and I'd rather like to get more done than checking email and getting caught up. I think I've finally transfered the majority of my bookmarks over to Opera so that should help things. I'm also getting close to on top of my email though I'm definitely not there yet either. Soon (tomorrow?) I will get my readings done for class and other homework I think.

Bare minimum, I'll probably blog here more frequently. We'll see about that!