So, tomorrow school starts again… so today's a good time to reflect on my vacation…

… because that's what it was, a vacation, right?

I planned on catching up on research work, cleaning, and other mundane chores around the house this holiday season. Instead, I met a most wonderful gentleman, and ended up having a rather enjoyable holiday indeed! Plus, I was spoiled at Christmas, purchased a tonne of excellent items at boxing day sales (etc.) and got to truly enjoy some wonderful parties.

My vacation was a real whirlwind of activity: from boardgames to mini-golf, restaurants, to errands and everything in between I was a very busy girl, but I was definitely neglecting my internet hobbies, and am more behind on my email — even from my main account — and have a tonne of laundry to do. That and grocery shopping, which I should do today (and buy some fun stuff perhaps?).

It's the first time in AGES that I've managed to have a really vacation-y Christmas vacation. Usually I'm working FAR too much for that, and being semi-productive in other ways. So there's a LOT to do in the coming days and weeks.

But school starts tomorrow and my vacation-y life returns to 'normal'.