May your life be interesting… IS a curse (but would I have it any other way?)

Today has been a good day. I hurt (primarily my ankle and elbow and arm and shoulder) but that's just my luck of falling down the stairs as we exited the Alberta Legislature building. But let's backtrack a bit.

So my day started with my 9am class as usual and it was a pretty great class: we learned a fair bit and had some good discussion. At the end of class, as we prepared to head off to our library tours it was mentioned that the WCB had a hostage situation. This would eventually mean the postponement of two library tours (both Alberta Government Libraries) because of the hostage situation and the lockdown/evacuation of that area.

I went to an excellent reading by Shawna Lemay as part of the CLC's brown bag series. Bert Almon was there, as was Tom Wharton, which gave me a chance to sort of catch up a bit. I truly enjoyed the reading, particularly how she dealt with some rather interesting topics.

Then it was off to meet our group for the tour. Fortunately, my tour to the Alberta Legislature wasn't cancelled. Instead we had an enlightening tour complete with Shaw TV crew to film parts of the experience and interview me for a segment (watch Shaw TV for a segment eventually?). I was the only one in the group particularly comfortable with the whole public speaking/being on TV thing which was why I was chosen.

The tour included some pretty awesome stuff, including some vaults, a fabulous window, a great storage closet etc. It was great tour and I feel that I really learned a lot. Finally we left. Security was a huge presence on our visit — possibly linked in part to the lockdown a block or so away. I fell on the stairs as we left the Legislature, so I ache from that (yay tension *sarcasm*) but I'm not terribly seriously hurt or anything.

So I came home and learned more about the WCB hostage situation by searching online.

As I said it's been an interesting day. And it's really too bad it has meant the cancellation/temporary postponement of two library tours. I'm definitely not leaving the house again this evening — my ankle still doesn't much like stairs, so no karaoke for me.