What is comfort… what is accomplishment… what isn't…

This week I've been musing a lot (in my head not online) about my personal ideas of comfort, happiness, accomplishment and well the opposite. While I've had quite a few LJ-posts I've wanted to make, I haven't had the time to work them out just yet (they probably will still come), and delayed posting to this venue for a bit, partly in hopes that I would write those blog posts for academic purposes instead. I'm sure I'll get to that anyway at some point. I'm also debating making my personal website/webspace look better, and many other things. Those things will, of course take time. And yes, I think that time is limited — in my life as always, so choosing just what to do, and just how to spend my time is pretty important.

But yeah, musings:
Well, I've most certainly been a lucky guppy lately. HUCO/SLIS is such a great fit for me mentally. I've never felt more 'at home' in a program than I do here. Sure, I've much to learn and I'm still struggling with getting everything that I want to get done done… but in the grand scheme of things that's not a huge issue, of course.
I feel comfortable partly because of the people: awesome people such as Calen, Peter, Eric, Dan, Shannon, and all the wonderful people in SLIS or HUCO alone (if I tried to list everyone I'd inevitably miss someone, so just listing those who have roles in both depts at this stage). The profs are mighty awesome as well. I don't feel like I'm a little fishy in a big ocean in which I'm only being pulled along by the current with these profs, instead I feel like I can swim with the others, though perhaps it'll be quite a while before I can swim quite as fast or as well, but it's a pretty awesome ocean just the same.
I've even had the time as of late to read: perhaps not more than snippets at a time, but I have, and this helps me rejuvenate my mind, and body too.
Television, DVDs, and online visuals also contribute to pleasure, which is a darn good thing.
And I feel like I'm on top of my school stuff (though not certainly ahead).
My RAship is coming along as well. Certainly it'll be a bit before I'm really producing scads of stuff, but I'm excited to do my research and other tasks. Probably a good place to be.
Also CKUA's fundraising drive is beginning tonight which totally means the best tunes this week! I adore CKUA's fundraising drives.
So yeah, I'm a happy one these days. It's remarkable the mental shift on occasion.

While I've been riding a wave of enthusiasm as of late, I'm not all sunshine and roses. It's easy to get into a temporary mental funk. And that happens frequently enough. I'm NOT a machine and can't treat myself as such. I CAN'T do it all as much as I might want to. And I'm certainly not always social enough for my personal happiness. Goodness, spending time with people who care about me matters to me. I need to feed my emotional center as well as my body and brain.
I don't often complain specifically online. It's just something I don't do in the same way as I might in person: I limit my comments to pretty general statements more often than not and do this for many reasons, the most noteworthy of which is that the internet is a public venue.
But yeah, I do need to be taking better care of me beyond the school thing. I'm totally getting into a school groove, but I definitely need to spend more time on 'fun' things to provide balance. And this includes being more physically active and making more time for social activities.
And I need to come up with a halloween costume. Then again I have ideas I may just need accesories. To be what, I don't know.
And the apt isn't perfect. I'm noticing more imperfections all of the time — like the drywall is cracking and it never has done this to this extent before. Which is entirely weird seeing as I've lived here since 2000.