Posting because I need to do something productive

I feel like I'm some sort of huge wimp. I'm not, of course, trying to wimp out or anything, but the fact that falling down a mere 5 steps at the Legislature on Wednesday causes this much back pain is just ridiculous in my mind, particularly since when I fell I was most concerned about my left ankle, which seems to be perfectly all right. I'm more than mildly worried about the fact that this pain has been dogging me ever since Wednesday afternoon. It's been affecting my concentration on things such as school work and my RAship. It's been interfering with my social life. It's been distracting enough to alter my sleeping patterns. So yes, it's worrisome.

I promised myself if it was still annoying me by Wednesday (or probably Tuesday) I'd go to the University Health Centre and bare minimum get a perscription for a massage or something. I doubt that there's anything terribly serious wrong, given that I can walk and stand and seemingly function like a normal human being. That said, I really want the pain to just go away.

I mean really, the fact that I keep forgetting to EAT this weekend says something about the whole thing. Honestly, food is IMPORTANT, and yet I keep neglecting my basic needs. Sure homework is of import too but it's also not getting done like I want it do, nor is my RA stuff or really much else at this point because it's taking me longer and my concentration is imperfect.

So there it is, me griping online. *sighs* I feel like I've been a complaining brat these last few days, and I really hope that I haven't been supremely annoying, particularly to those with whom I've interacted, but the fact is that I'm neglecting myself a bit in the process, and I shouldn't be. Heck, there's a lot of things I shouldn't be doing, but I'm not about to stop living my life just because my back hurts. I didn't stop what I was doing when I had a concussion, why would I stop now?

But yeah, my apologies to those I've interacted with lately if I've at all seemd out of sorts or been complaining more than my fair share. I really am trying not to be… but I'm really not used to my back being the part of me that's hurting — nearly anything else, and I'd almost expect it.