Apparently I'm supposed to write blog posts…

… for class! Not only that but I think I'll be occasionally posting on my peer, Maria's blog about libraries at: Fortunately for you, I don't currently plan on developing a new blog, but rather adding some more erudite (or rather less emotionally charged blog posts, not that I don't keep what I post online in check anyway) postings to this blog.

In other news, I've attended my other class this week, and have a bit of a better idea of what I'm getting myself into. When I say a bit of a better idea, that's exactly what I mean. I have no idea currently (well no particularly well refined ideas) what I'll do for a major project in that class, what I'll come up with for a SSHRC grant proposal (and those are due soon, yikes!), or what I'll ACTUALLY end up doing for a thesis. Yeah, it's overwhelming, but I pretty much expected THAT do be overwhelming.

I'm also debating in WHAT to get more involved. I've made some decisions, but obviously I can't be as superhuman as I would like to be. Thank goodness for my agenda book! It's a life saver!

I also have an inkling as to what I'll be working on as an RA this year. My advisor is in London on a conference at the moment, so I'll meet with her next week to get more information, but I'm looking forward to that.

I'm slowly getting started on my readings — I actually read my optional reading first, but I think that that was likely a good idea at the time. I'm also learning that the readings are pretty decent for my first LIS class.

I attended the GELA (Greater Edmonton Libraries Association) pub night last night, and along with some of the LIS students with which I am most familiar, I enjoyed my evening. Tonight I go see The Drowsy Chaperone at the Citadel, which I'm totally looking forward to. I'm really happy I thought ahead and bought theatre tickets in advance!

In other news, my printer is back to hating me. I think it's definitely the cable this time, so tomorrow I'll meet up with Brendan and hopefully borrow one that actually makes it work. If that doesn't work out I don't currently have a plan B, so we'll see what transpires.

In other news, Stan's expression when he realized that several of us in HUCO don't own laptops was priceless. Honestly, considering the time I spend online, I may as well have a semi-ergonomic workstation (it's really not that perfect, but I try!).

Also, I finally installed the new version of Trillian, and so I can finally connect with people reliably via AIM, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! MSN and Astra… so considering the outdated nature of my contacts, please feel free to bug me on occasion online… I'm often reachable (yes, Grant, I will turn IMing functionality on more frequently while I'm online), and yes the concept of eventually getting a cell phone etc. is still in the planning stages, but it's becoming more likely all the time, I just doubt it'll happen for a while. Tuition is the next big expense afterall!