The weekend of seeing so many people…

Friday night I went and saw The Drowsy Chaperone at the Citadel. It was wonderful! I love how it was totally self-referential and included so many fun aspects. Pastry Chef Gangsters? Blindfolded roller-skating? Random Racial Stereotypes? All for comedic effect? Wowza! Totally worth it, and really some catchy tunes! I adored it. It was also pretty nifty to catch up with my mother too.

Yesterday I caught up with Brendan, who I hadn't seen for over a year I believe (in person). It was great to walk to and from the coffee shoppe where we met, and great to catch up after all of this time. I also explored Whyte Ave and picked up some beading supplies and repaired a necklace too, so it was pretty productive.

The evening included spending time with Elaine, Colin, Kathryn, and Sharon among others, at the DanceSport Fundraiser. It was a total blast to see such awesome dancers like Jim and Darren and Amanda and Grace perform! I love how some of Canada's very best talent is from Alberta! It's so much better than watching a dance TV show to see it all live. Plus the silent auction was really nifty too: I came away with some excellent items (pizza, a massage, Ticket to Ride Card Game). Plus it was good to to a bit of dancing, though by the end of the day I had walked over 80 blocks.

Today I started my day with Brunch with Nick. We caught up and chatted about grad school plans. This was highly beneficial. Then I met Kim for lunch and we ended up going for Pho before attempting shoe/sandal shopping at West Ed. I even found some new sandals! And I got a couple new t-shirts (yay for slogans!).

When I got home, I ended up accidentally breaking one of my favorite mugs by dropping it in the sink *sighs*. However, I had just gotten a new mug from the Silent Auction yesterday, so I think I'll use that one instead. Yay for Famoso pizza advertizing!

Anyway, I ought to get back to my xml learning, my Digital Humanities readings, and my other homework-esque pursuits. Oh, and I think I'm also hooked on the new Monopoly City Streets game… I like the fact that I can buy areas I'm familiar with.

Oh yeah, and I'm a little confused as to why my left arm is playing the being numb game today. It has been months since it had last done this, so I totally don't get why it's being annoying like this yet again.