ARG! :)

When group work works out this well, I can't help but be pleased.

This past week, a group of students consisting of me, a first year HUCO MA student, a second year HUCO MA student and a CS PHD student got together to design an alternate reality game (ARG). I'm glad this did not involve actually building one (though that would have been rather cool), since we only had a week to work on it, but I'm really pleased with the results.

This is not to say we didn't have hiccups. We originally had a different 4th member (who dropped out), and David was in California, and Garry and Riley both got sick… so there were hurdles of course, but that is the nature of group work, particularly when dealing with such different skill sets, locations, styles of working and whatnot.

I'm glad for free long distance though because it has allowed me to call frequently to people who I need to reach. I'm also glad for Google Docs (even if it doesn't always display things correctly). I'm quite happy with how it all turned out — sure our presentation wasn't perfect, but it worked out splendidly, and I think we submitted a killer design doc.

So yeah, I can now a breathe a sigh of relief, feel the contentment of accomplishment and generally be rather pleased with the many hours we put into the success of this project.

Plus I can digest all the yummy food we ate at the Sugar Bowl, yum!