Life is a busy adventure…

… and we are all growing older. This weekend reminded me of this fact, and not only because of birthdays.

Friday I met up with many people I hadn't seen for far too long. I got a marvelous haircut from Jackie (thanks!) before moseying to the Sugar Bowl to hang with fellow Huco students (and our graduate coordinator). Good fun, really. It had been far too long since I had been to the Sugar Bowl. Perhaps I'll frequent it more frequently in the future?

Then I went to Mike's (Kip) place for a board game party. It was good fun, particularly as we played the Game of Life Electronic edition. Sure, my team didn't do amazingly well, but I met some excellent new people! I also got to see all the great renovation work he had done on his house, and chat with people about summer weddings, houses, work, school etc. Yes it does feel like we're all growing up somehow.

Last night I went to Nicole and Brad's wedding. I bussed there, which was an adventure in and of itself, as I had never been to that golf course (what reason do I have to go to golf courses but special events?). Before the ceremony I ran into Jeff (Kepi), who I hadn't seen in years (other than brief passings at the grocery store, really. It was good to know someone who wasn't deeply intwined with the wedding party. We got to catch up and I even eventually dragged him onto the dance floor for a bit. Nicole and Brad looked amazing. Nicole's dress was outstanding (to put it mildly). Brad, wearing the red serge, looked so official and dashing. The reception included some great entertaining moments, and the dance included some truly fun songs. I had a great time, and am very happy to know such amazing people!