First day on campus provides perspective…

… in other words, I think I'll be able to handle things just fine, regardless of the fact that apparently the first month will be spent learning xml (which reminds me of Hanne's comments about her crash course this summer… and somehow the fact that it'll be a month's worth of learning rather than just a weekend helps). I think php is also on the agenda (among other things) and I think there might be at least one crash course in things like html (which I've partly forgotten, so it'll be a good to have a refresher).

Apparently I should look into software — I took notes but some of the programs listed include Turbopad, Zotero (an add-on for Firefox) and the thirty day free trial of Oxygen. I dunno how much of that I'll get (or of the other programs we discussed, like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.) but somehow I think that I'm going to learn a thing or two about computers this year… just maybe… 😉

I'm also supposed to start a blog of my research (what research?), partly so I know how to blog (I think I've got the 'knowing how to blog' thing covered though)… so we'll see if I get around to doing that separately from LJ or not… if I need a separate blog for any of my classes, I'll definitely get one though — It's not as if I don't already have online identities that I can very much use.

The orientation itself went smoothly. I figure that there's probably less than 10 of us starting the MA/MLIS program this year (I met 3 others at orientation). Tomorrow I'll likely catch some fellow students at the Sugarbowl too which'll be good. The HUCO program is rather small, but I think I like it that way. I'm not sure I liked how the GSA just cut the person who left the exec out of the picture they used at the sessions, as it reminded me of a CKI faux pas from a few years back (my board year).

In other news, I enjoyed walking about in Edmonton today. It was one WARM day. And I'm so glad to finally have a GSA agenda book, with SPACE to write things in.

Oh and I think I'm like the only non-laptop carrying cell phone brandying person in HUCO (or at least in the orientation group)… and I'm not sure what I think about that one. Am I actually going to change?