Initial thoughts on grad school

After two pretty full days of orientation (and class), I guess I'm ready to tackle this school year. LIS has approximately 50 new students, HUCO has approximately 7-10 new students, and my program [the intersect of the two] has 4 (myself included). It'll be a good three years, I think! Of course the more I learn, even in these two days, the more I'm interested in learning, which might be to my detriment somehow. We'll see.

HUCO cancelled the first week of classes so that we can work together to develop an alternative reality game… and I'm pretty excited about my group. It seems that my skill set will work well with those of my peers. This makes me super excited. I'm also a bit less concerned about my particular blindspots because of things I've learned in the past little bit.

But oh gosh, Libraries. Hanne gave an excellent tour of campus/SLIS/the libraries. I probably interrupted a bit too frequently, but I hope I wasn't too annoying. Free food has also been a pretty good aspect of the first week. And to top that all off, I feel like I belong here. Strange, in only the first week. My peers have been great; I really like spending time with my fellow LIS and HUCO students. If only I were better at remembering everyone's names!

Now, if only I didn't so often feel like I were melting (it's warm in SLIS)… 😉