A Crazy day (aka. yesterday)

So I had finally decided to go to the Fringe yesterday. I had already determined that I would be unable to see Captain Hook vs. the Zombies due to work/travel time constraints, among other plays, but wanted to see at least a bit of the Fringe. I bought tickets, planned my stay and otherwise was prepared for an awesome day.

Work began well that day. I was feeling great, looking forward to the Fringe and whatnot. I was perfectly a-okay until probably 1:30pm. Sometime between then and 2pm, I began yawning uncontrollably at my till. This wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that at 2pm I felt ill enough to need to leave my till entirely. I basically ended up lying down and not wanting to stand or even sit up. Mara and Sara were awesome in their care of me — providing water and a safe place to feel better. I had felt like I was burning up, and my mouth was dry, I was nauseated, and didn't want to stand up. Apparently my skin was clammy too. Regardless, within an hour of relaxing (relatively speaking), drinking liquids (water and chicken broth) and once I was no longer feeling overly warm (I was really cold) being wrapped in my jacket and a blanket, I was feeling well enough to finish my shift at work. This was quite bizarre. It is thought that I was dehydrated? I would compare this experience to several in the past — I've even had my blood sugar tested during one of these experiences, and it has been normal… *shrugs*. Regardless, I was a bit weak for the rest of my day.

Instead of walking all the way to the fringe I attempted to catch the streetcar and bus (missing the ones I wanted to catch) before taking the number 9 across the bridge and walking the rest of the way. I ran into Nick on my walk, and then also ran into Mim upon my arrival at the Fringe grounds. Once at the Fringe, I met up with Chris.

We wandered around and I grabbed a crepe for dinner (it was topped with pizza toppings). We stopped by Second Cup where Susan met us and I got some Kiwanis stuff done. We all waited out the storm under the Second Cup awning. Eventually we returned to the Fringe grounds. Once there we watched the end of the Arial Angels show before catching an awesome performance by Apocalypse Kow!

Next was She Came From Planet X! This was far better than I even dreamed it would be. I totally loved the announcer, the commercials, the outfits, the plot, and acting… heck I really loved the whole show, including the soundtrack. Andrea outdid herself!

We wandered after that, finding Fren's aunt's Bubble tea shop (Bubble Juice) which was barely open (we knocked on the window before getting some service (so yummy!). I was highly impressed by Fren's artwork everywhere! The colours, flavours, signs — really Fren's aunt told us Fren did a LOT for the hopefully eventual success of the business. I was very impressed!

We walked back to the Fringe grounds where I had churros and we wandered aimlessly. Such fun! The night ended with our viewing of Late Night Cabaret which was a variety show. I enjoyed the Wheel — the randomness was great though the flying candy was not. I was rather impressed with Jemma(?)'s performance during that night's entertainment. I really think I like live variety shows.