I'm still not caught up on emails, but the deluge of school-related emails has begun, and I'm understandably worried. Not so much from the Library side of things, but… heck, while I'm *relatively* computer savvy compared to the majority of the population, I guess, my pseudo-ludditish tendencies might be my downfall. I don't know a thing about programming. I don't. I'm more than just a titch overwhelmed by the idea of developing an alternate reality game (of ANY sort) in a week's time. Heck sure it means that two of my classes will be cancelled for the first week of school, but 4-6hrs of work on this project a day is more than just a bit overwhelming. And yet, I somehow don't want to NOT do it.

Must I always be such an acheiver? *sighs* This does sound like an incredible opportunity though — and I suppose my experiences playing games/writing/reading etc. might be of use? I'm familiar enough with the idea of alternate reality games I think?

I felt better today than yesterday though — but I'm also a bit confused by a sensation of general weakness that I seem to be occasionally contending with today as well. Perhaps I'm not eating right? I don't know really. I don't think that that's the issue. I'm not sleeping terribly well, and one of my teeth is super sensitive lately, but I have no idea whether any of this is related or not.

I dunno. There is simply a lot to contend with. And I'm certainly not invincible. Just writing about this has made me less stressed about it.