Trip wrap up (yes I'm back in Edmonton… temporarily!)

Thursday morning Aliana called, and I walked over to her place to spend some time with her. She was baking some VERY delicious muffins and butter tart squares. I also ate blueberries, and drank orange juice. She was a great host! The visit wasn't terribly long, but it was good to see her, especially since I was staying so nearby.

Colin and I went out for all you can eat sushi afterward. It made for a good way to spend a relatively rainy afternoon. We also did some walking, and watched a movie in the evening.

Friday morning was mostly spent reading (I devoured the first 5 Sandman Graphic novels during my stay at Colin's, plus many other graphic novels, including some Serenity stuff), until my cousin Trisha and my aunt and uncle came and we went to Lonsdale Quay (in North Vancouver)for lunch. I got to ride the skytrain and the seabus to get there and back. Trisha and I had excellent soup at the Quay and we also ate gelato and went for a walk down the Trans-Canada Trail (it is a short trail). On my return downtown, Trisha and I went shopping and stopped at Propaganda (it's a clothing shop) where I bought a jacket. Yay for sales! My receipt stated a 68.somethingerrather% sale price (crazy, really). Fun stuff!

Colin and I walked Stanley Park again (we spent SO much time here!) checking out the hollow tree before going for Thai food. He has such good taste in food/restaurants. After that we stopped by Little Sisters again to brouse before heading to Granville for the Queer Film Festival, where we caught a film (Barely! We were in teh Hope line, and somehow got in) called Ciao. It was good, but could have used some shortening — it was a really slow film.

Saturday morning we went to a local farmers market where I found an awesome t-shirt, some great cheese curds and some necklaces (plus Colin got some yummy blackberries, yum!). We went out for Korean food for lunch and I got a bubble tea before we went to Stanley Park to sit and read in the beautiful sun on the seawall. It was a good end to my vacation before I flew back to Edmonton. Waiting for the bus to the airport, we ran into a bunch o' zombies so that was an interesting end to my vacation!

And now I *AM* home. I'm working tonight and so will know shortly what my schedule is like for the next couple weeks. I'll be going to Regina for a Kiwanis convention on the weekend, but before that I'm hoping to catch at least SOME of the Fringe. We'll see. I'm going to have to visit Vancouver more often though — it was a great vacation!