It seems I have time and internet to update this…

… and so I will.

Today I spent most of the day up on the top of ladders using a nail gun. The expression on the Habitat for Humanity staff member's face when *I* answered his questions of does anyone know how to use a nail gun? and who here has worked on a house build before? was entertaining. I think I did a rather decent job, regardless, on the house we were working on. I somehow had some valuable experience which helped, certainly.

This evening, we went to the Botanical Gardens (where we had a guided tour through many fascinating gardens including a bog!), and then went and saw the Vulcan (the largest cast iron statue in the world). It was pretty nifty — especially given the Kiwanis involvement in its display. I probably would have had a better time at the Vulcan had my head not been hurting from being elbowed in the head (a CKIer was imitating the statue and accidentally hit me with his elbow square on the head [he was much taller than I am and didn't notice where I was standing] when he stopped imitating the statue). It hurt a lot and my head still hurts 3 hours later. But I don't think it's a terribly huge issue or anything.

It feels good to spend time with so many good friends — familiar and unfamiliar faces. I was pretty happy to be on a construction site all day (people did many different tasks — I rather enjoy house-builds).

In other news, my eating is mostly back to normal. There are still some things that I can't eat terribly easily but for the most part I'm not having any issues. The hotel isn't close to all that much food-wise which is a bit more difficult than most conventions of years past, but we're coping well. If only many restaurants and whatnot weren't closed on Sunday nights!

Things are looking up for the rest of my vacation. Hopefully I'll hear back from various people and not have too many problems contacting them when it is time to do so. And maybe (just maybe) I'll continue to post comments about LSSP/ICON as time permits. Other than the lack of good ergonomics at this work station, this is really convenient.