In Birmingham…

Got to Birmingham, Alabama okay. Flights were on time, unlike for many many others. We ate at Chick-fil-a (sp?) before driving back to the hotel in the POURING rain. Quite an adventure, and that's before the LSSP craziness really began.

I'm pretty happy with things so far. All of my district has finally arrived, which is nice, though they had some adventures getting here — and not all of the pleasant variety.

Love the fact that there's sweet tea (though there's nothing really by way of restaurants nearby (aka. in walking distance of the hotel). I imagine soon I'll try the bus service to get to the area where there IS a good variety of food etc. The hotel's pretty swell, and I do have internet access at the business center which is pretty stellar in my books — all hotels should have this amenity for those of us who don't bother to cart around cell phones or laptops.

Anyway, I feel pretty laid back this trip — though I imagine I might get hungry on occasion due to food not being terribly instantaneous. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's habitat for humanity service project.