Back but still luggage-less…

Fortunately Canadian North says it will be delivered today. That said, I have no idea of WHEN. And I still need to grocery shop and do laundry and hopefully otherwise leave the house. There ars simply so many THINGS in that suitcase.

GATC this year was good fun: I got along well with both the Govs and the Admins (which made me incredibly happy). We even re-visited Steak n' Shake (or rather 4 DAs did). Other fun included GPS adventures, sledgehammer to locker craziness, an incredible lack of sleep, encouragement to overeat (but unlike past GATCs, I don't think I ran the risk of ending up in a sugar coma, though the Oreo bark was rather tempting)… It was shorter and more casual than GATCs past, which had its pluses and minuses. Also, I enjoyed re-visiting the KI office.

But I'm back. And have crazy amounts of laundry, a good amount of homework, grocery shopping, and yes, would like to see friends again now that I've temporarily escaped the CKI universe.

Now if only I could have my luggage so I can leave the house and do laundry and unpack and etc. I really wonder where the suitcase ended up… Yellowknife perhaps?