School's out for summer!

Short musings about an interesting day:
– I caught up with Shreyo! Woo!!
– Walking out doors in a skirt and sandals in Edmonton rocks! Spring has sprung.
– 15% Tuesday brings out the best and worst in people.
– I like it when people support my side of a disagreement, even when the disagreement doesn't really matter much.
– We played Werewolves (equivalent to MAFIA) in class today! This makes 5 times in 4 days for me!
– I'm still not done my homework for Thursday but it'll be done soon enough.
– It strikes me that I have over 900 Facebook friends at the moment. That's probably excessive, but I like staying in touch with people.
– Talking about fan fic in class was highly interesting.
– I'm going to miss writing classes. It'll be years before I take another.
– I'm really actually rather pleased with the semester, regardless of the imperfections.
– 9 years of undergrad level classes… and now onto grad school!
– I've seen a rather large number of awesome people today!
– Marisa's gloves and boots are rad!
– Is it strange if I find friends extra attractive this week? Maybe it's just because people are no longer wearing extra bulky winter garb?
– How is it that it FEELS warmer than Indy?
– Something tells me I'm still rather sleep deprived.
– I probably should unpack my luggage etc. To-do list is massive.