Insult me, why don'tcha?

It's enough that he critiqued my short story in class (which realistically he was supposed to do) with such pointed terms. I understand that he disliked it, and that's fine by me.

But apparently not having watched the right movies is a crime against nature, and going to school for 9+ years at the post-secondary level without getting a medical degree is stupid… according to him. And I realize that that makes no sense given that he's also seeking an arts degree of some sort, but somehow his comments actually got to me a little.

Now, I'm used to people railing on me periodically for my lack of movie-watching experience. So this isn't unusual. In fact I kind of like it occasionally when people point out my gaps in popular culture knowledge — particularly since this is a field I like to be familiar with: it's a definite field of personal interest and study… so that wasn't the problem exactly.

Essentially, we ('we' refers to a group as large as 12 people who were in this class) began a long discussion about Watchmen, Bladerunner, Clerks, Sunshine, etc. and it came up that I hadn't seen any of these. To which he responded with some jibes and a comment that I HAD to have seen Because of Winn-Dixie because it was so me. And I was kind of insulted by this limited view of me… given what little I know about that movie (having not actually seen it). He insisted that I had to have seen it, and insisted that that was the only kind of movie I could have seen.

Later we were talking about school and someone asked me how long I'd been in university, to which I answered 9 years… and he very loudly insisted that I should quit, even after asking me what the degrees were and all.

Now why this should get to me is beyond me, given that I'm pretty used to people making snarky comments about such things, or otherwise thinking that I'm bizarre or something for taking so much post-secondary education, and I'm pretty secure in my goals and aspirations in this respect, but really somehow it did. Or at least it affected me enough to want to blog about it.

In other news, the fact that I'm a pile of stress lately probably contributes to my reactions. I've been EXTREMELY tired lately (the past couple of days) ever since my weekend (which included much sleep-schedule ridiculousness), and kind of all-over-the-place with regards to getting things done. So while I do have time these days I'm not necessarily using it effectively (or uneffectively for that matter).