Lately people have been remarking on my pseudo-luddite-ish tendancies…

… and much pointing and laughter has ensued. Why?
– I do not own a cell phone. Apparently this is a travesty of immense proportions. Pointing and laughing actually did happen this weekend. Normally it's just the ridiculing, but really this was crazy!
– I do not Twitter. And people were aghast.
– I have not seen a rather large number of movies. This has been pointed out by more than 5 people recently.
– My home phone is corded.
– I love my magazine subscriptions. And am very frustrated right now that one of my two faves is cancelling its print edition and the other sent out a recession issue that was like 4 postcard-sized pages. I realize that it's a paper magazine, but I'm not overly fond of the online editions of magazines as much as I do occasionally visit them.
– I still send real Christmas cards, and real letters via snail mail.
– I like reading books.
– I somehow fit BETA into general conversation (same with VHS).
– I still own VHS, LPs, and cassette tapes.
– I refuse to own a digital watch (see HHGTTG page 1 for my personal favorite page!), my pocket watch is an actual pocket watch, thank you very much.
– I don't actually download songs and movies etc. for the most part. This is why my mp3 collection is less than 200 files.
– I still own floppy disks (although as of this month, they are no longer in use, all the files having been transfered to my computer).
– Oh, did I mention that I don't own a cell phone?

In other news, I'm still somehow awake today after a few days of craziness: Graham's party was a blast, the UAMC concert was amazing (followed by some good BPs shenanigans), and well I got up on time today and worked. I didn't even hit that brick wall of exhaustion. Shortly I will change into formal wear and head off to the CKI mid-winter formal. And somehow I don't even have circles 'neath my eyes.

In other other news: it feels weird to realize that people you're drinkin' with or hanging out with at a bar/lounge are born in the '90s. Thank goodness I spend a good amount of time with people who are my age and over (then again the amount of time I spend with people who are more than twice my age is probably similar to the time I spend with people born in the '90s…).