Not quite a gripe and moan but…

First complaint: why in tarnation does EVERYTHING have to happen at the same time? This summer is getting more and more complicated to plan for and it hasn't even started yet. Heck, spring barely started. People PLEASE stop planning things for the same exact times as other people. Thanks!

Other complaint: radio going to be a paid subscriber service only (outside the US, UK and Germany, grr!) starting March 30th. While I have contributed in the past there is no way I'm going to pay 6 Euros a month to continue listening to my tunes, at least not regularly. I'm going to go into serious withdrawal. Gah! What else have I been listening to while online since 2005 anyway? I think I will be in serious need of new mp3s. And listening to my overly tiny selection (I think I'm up to 161 or something tiny like that), my CDs and my radio stations. I also don't have the funds at the moment to start buying up everything in sight (afterall, I'm going to be in school until 2012 at this point… and school's not terribly cheap, and I have this darn tendancy to travel…).

In other news: I'm exhausted. It has been a very long day/week. Tomorrow and the weekend are all about fun (plus work shifts but there's only two of 'em to worry about). I have no idea what particularly will happen but it sounds like sleep will be lacking, and I'll see MANY different faces.