25 Things About Me (Since Scott Jenkins tagged me)

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1. I hate cilantro.

2. My favorite holiday is the whole Christmas/winter holiday season.

3. I love holiday music… particularly the really unusual (but good) songs like Maybe this Christmas by Ron Sexsmith, or Sometime You Have to Work on Xmas [Sometimes] by Harvey Danger, or The Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams

4. My favorite colour is red.

5. I've wanted to be a librarian and an author since I was in second grade. And I still do.

6. I want to circumnavigate the globe… or otherwise travel the world.

7. I like investing.

8. I procrastinate a lot.

9. I am often still and sore — I used to think that I was almost always in pain, and have learned to ignore most headaches, stabbing chest pains, and breathing problems. I'm actually a really healthy person.

10. I would rather wear skirts and dresses than pants.

11. I love to read books of pretty much all types.

12. I enjoy donating time and money to causes that are dear to me.

13. I fear 'being alone forever' despite the fact that I have a large network of friends, most of whom actually live on my continent and are only one phone call away.

14. I still write letters, Christmas cards, and look with glee at my full mailbox almost every weekday.

15. I do not own a cordless phone. Yes, this means I'm not cellphone enabled either. Despite this, I have digital phone service.

16. I have never actually taken any of my clothing to be drycleaned. Maybe I should change this at some point.

17. I still think that the third Harry Potter book is my favorite BECAUSE of the Time Turner aspect, and still really want one (preferably one that works, but a piece of jewelry that looks like one and can be worn on a daily basis around my neck would be cool too).

18. I didn't know I enjoyed rollercoasters until I went to Six Flags at La Ronde, and didn't realize how much I would enjoy amusement parks until I went to Disney World and Universal Studios this past summer.

19. I have indeed been worse than heptuple scheduled. I think my record is being scheduled to be in 12 places at once. Fortunately I was able to make some decisions and that this doesn't happen as frequently as it once did.

20. My University education has included everything from biochem to the Marquis de Sade and realistically has included such a variety of subjects that I rather enjoy the fact that random classes come in handy on a regular basis: particularly the evolutionary psychology of beauty, social psychology, banned books, virology, and popular literature/culture among others.

21. I have been working at my current job for over 7 years, and don't plan on leaving until I finish my education at this point.

22. I actually socialize with people who are more than twice my age quite frequently. And we get along great.

23. When I was a kid, I enjoyed multiplying numbers by 2 for the fun of it.

24. Because I wear a uniform to work, I find it even MORE fun to dress up.

25. I ballroom dance when no one's watching (and quite often when people are).

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