Post Christmas Reflections

So Christmas is over for another year. And this means that I've had my dosage of Turkey (more than 3 dinners) and Ham for December. I got to munch on amazing squash, and so many other yummy vegetables. And of course I spent time with family.

We opened gifts together and got things we all really wanted. I especially like the one I'm sitting on right now: my new computer chair! And of course I've received a few other amazing gifts including that of great friendship and conversation. Emotional ups and lows, exhaustion and of course too much food pepper the holidays with joy.

Technology has also provided ups and downs. My computer is as usual deciding to act up — so I'm seriously contemplating what to get as a replacement. It's high time for a new machine — given how much time I spend using this darn thing! I have at least three people telling me to get a Mac (which would probably be more stable among other things — of course nearly anything would be more stable than this machine, but still!). So we'll see. Going home for the holidays provided the ups and downs of my parents' computer — which didn't like Facebook as much as I did. And then there's the crazy TV related technology. I never watch more TV than I do at my parents' house. And it's fun to do so as a treat. Especially when the TV is this awesome. Plus the Wii is always fun as is the Wii Fit — I'm dreadfully sore from the hula-hooping game on the Wii Fit (among other activities). Honestly, if I ever had a gaming system it would be the Wii. And the Wii Fit is pretty stellar in my humble opinion — I found it much more approachable (and fun!) than most other physical activities I've taken up recently… not that those aren't fun too (they are) but the novelty of the computer game aspect is NOT lost on me!

And I saw some pretty good movies too… The Dark Knight was awesome as usual, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium was fun, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has provided much to think about.

So I'm back to my workday world (and to my apartment) and ready for a week which poses the pleasant aspect of most of my evenings being available since I'm working day shifts for the most part. Cool, eh?