If my computer were human… it would be ancient…

So today I tried to start up Firefox. And it wouldn't start up properly. In fact that whole window just disappeared. And then the whole computer decided it wouldn't like me anymore — Ctrl Alt Delete didn't even bring up the appropriate screen. So I reset the computer, as it appeared to be frozen, but no luck. It went back to what it used to do 2 years ago now where it decided not to completely reboot. A third attempt got the computer working with a screen resolution that sucks.

Something tells me that I need to seriously consider getting a new computer. Sure this one does me okay, but… *sighs*

In other news, the gift wrap went great on Friday. I completely relaxed out of some of the ridiculous stress I was putting myself through, plus we raised some good money for the Bissell (I do wonder how much of that was due to the increased media attention though).

And yesterday I finished ALL of my Christmas cards (or at least the ones I planned to do. All 64 of them. They're really not difficult once I got started. Something tells me I'll need to hit Boxing Day sales again this year to buy more cards for next year however.

So that feels good. What doesn't feel good is that it's ridiculously cold. Which I don't often mind. Except it makes the walk to work really annoying. I feel like an abominable snowperson. Which realistically isn't half wrong — of course this abominable snowperson is clad in a santa hat, so at least she's seasonally appropriate!

I'm totally looking forward to spoiling my family with gifts this Christmas. It'll be nice to get the time off from work to relax. And I won't even worry about Grad School scholarship applications for a few days.