Quick Holiday update

So it's my Favorite Season of the year: yes, that's right, the Christmas/holiday season. And no, that doesn't mean I'm religious or anything (I'm not). I just happen to rather like the holiday season, and the Christmas music rocks (what can I say, I'm addicted), well at least most of it's pretty good (there's some newfangled holiday songs that seriously grate on my nerves). Plus I get to wear a nifty Santa hat all I want before the big day. And believe you me, it allows for some great conversations at work… though I'm not sure what I think about being called Mrs. Santa… Regardless most reactions to the hat are ALWAYS positive (well except for the one gentleman, likely of the camp who gets offended that a woman should be named Ali in Canada, who insisted that because my name was Ali I couldn't wear a Santa hat).

This year I participated in a cookie exchange — which was a fun excuse to do baking for the first time in years — and ended up with WAY too many cookies. Of course I've had occasions to feed them to people, and I am rather enjoying occasionally eating a few myself (but with Beth on her diet and me with no real hankering for sweets, they're not disappearing at all quickly). So the family will be getting a LOT of Christmas baking when I eventually come home!

And I'm super happy with my Christmas shopping which is all completed! I think my family and roommate will be suitably spoiled. I completed the most of it on two trips: one to Whyte and one to City Centre mall. Of course I had a few side trips before those (one downtown and one to the Butterdome Craft Sale, a holiday tradition) but it was probably some of the most enjoyable Christmas shopping seasons yet. [Then again that could be chalked up to great company and general luck finding gifts once people provided their wish-lists] With the exception of the awkwardness of carrying really heavy bags through the mall and bus, it was a great time! And my gifts are even all wrapped… with one large package waiting and tantalizing my roommate. Hee Hee…!

And I have a tree (sure it's a tiny white centerpiece from Winter Waltz but still!). And my bedroom doorknocker is decorated as usual. And the Christmas cards have been begun (well I'm MAYBE halfway there. I'm hoping to be done by New Year's. It's just how things work this year).

And then there are the Christmas parties. Some have been super small and casual… others have been much more involved. Regardless, overeating has been a pattern (maybe that's why I've often had no appetite at other times?).

The lights in Edmonton have also been awesome: Bright Nights was a slight disappointment (too many burnt out lights for my happiness) but Candy Cane Lane, the Legislature and Maisie's Christmas House are worth a second look. Especially Maisie's Christmas House.

Maybe the reason why I get so excited about Christmas is because it's a change from the everyday. Maybe it's because it's just plain fun. Maybe it's some complete other reason. But I'm having a good time!