The lights are warm and aesthetically pleasing…

Last night Robin and I volunteered at the Devonian Garden's Luminaria event. And the weather couldn't have been better: certainly it was cool (cold even) but the snow was light, the wind was nearly absent, and it wasn't raining. Not only that, but things cooperated for us very well: our glow stick sales table was right near the first fire pit (or rather bonfire in an old washing machine repurposed into a fire drum?).

The candles really lit up the Japanese garden beautifully. I think I might just have to see the gardens at some time in the summer months… it was gorgeous. The snow provided just the right effect when combined with the 2000 little paper lanterns with candles… and the little Japanese lanterns were a nice touch too.

Bridget demonstrated her juggling with Robin near the end of the night, using some of the glow sticks. Of course we sold quite a few. And the fire was wonderful.

From a volunteering perspective, I thought the event went incredibly smoothly. The food was great, the company awesome, and well, we made it to and from the event in one piece (despite the ice).