So I'm typing a lot of these er LJ posts or something

But I'm starting to annoy myself. Which likely means it's time to get off the computer. And since I'm all of a sudden working at 7am, I had better do so soon. Because it's important that I get sleep. Because I'm driving myself batty.

If that wasn't bad, 'studying', which really isn't necessary for more than like an hour or so, hasn't yet happened. It should happen tomorrow though, given that all of a sudden I've got more than 4 hrs between work and the cookie exchange. I'm getting tired of being double (or more) booked though. And I thought being heptuple booked was bad… well… I think sometimes days like tomorrow can be more frustrating. Mostly because I'd be going yay, I have more time off in the evening, except for the fact that well, I have a commitment right smack dab in the middle of this time off. Which would be fine and all (because I've been looking forward to the cookie exchange and all), but I know that I'll likely fritter my time away during the rest of the evening. Which is really a waste of my time. And I'll want to be in two places at once (but since when was that new?).

And there's that Christmas thing. Well, I've finally started shopping. Which will have to get done, of course. And I've a few of the things from my list already… but I still don't know what to get everyone (not that that's new or anything). And someone keeps asking me to add stuff to my own personal wish list.

And then there's Christmas cards. Which I've finally started. Which is good. (ye gads I'm writing in sentence fragments!) But I'm also pretty certain I don't have accurate addresses for a LOT of people. Which is frustrating to say the least.